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Are you interested in laser spine surgery? Are you looking for a Newport Beach spine surgeon that has the training and experience necessary to provide patients with the care they deserve? At Newport Beach Spine Surgery, we have all of this and more. You can count on our skilled team of surgeons to help diagnose your condition, treat your symptoms, and have you back in good health as quickly as possible.

What is Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive spine surgery that is used to treat pain caused by degenerative discs. It has been utilized for over 20 years and offers many benefits such as minimal incision, rapid recovery time, improved outcomes, limited scarring, shorter hospitalization periods, and more. Find a Newport Beach spine surgeon.

The type of laser used in laser spine surgery is a CO² laser. This type of laser has been proven to have the right energy level and wavelength for this particular procedure, as it reduces tissue damage and allows surgeons to be more precise when removing part or all of the disc material that may cause pain.

The benefits of undergoing laser spine surgery include:

-Minimal incision

-Rapid recovery time

-Improved outcomes

-Limited scarring

-Shorter hospitalization periods

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic spine surgery is a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure that is performed by a specialist called an endoscopic spine surgeon. The vertebrae in the neck and back are opened through small incisions, which allows the physician to see what they’re doing inside of your spine without having to make large cuts.

The endoscope is inserted through one of the small incisions, typically in the neck. The spine surgeon can use a tiny camera attached to the endoscope to see what they are doing on their monitor. This way, they don’t have to risk cutting important structures while trying to find out where and what is causing your pain or other symptoms.

Other Types of Spine Surgery

Other types of spine surgery are open spine surgery, which is performed similar to open-heart or brain surgery. A large incision is made in the back and part of the ribcage, then surgeons use a microscope to see inside your spine while they repair what needs to be repaired.

Endoscopic spine surgery areas: cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (upper body/chest area) lumbar spine (lower back).

Open Spine Surgery Areas: Cervical Spine – Upper Body/Chest Area – Lumbar Spinal Cord – Central Nervous System

Laser Spine Surgery Types: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Laser Ablation; Chronic Pain Relief with Neurostimulation Therapy for Back & Neck Pain; Scoliosis; Low Back Pain;

There are many types of spine surgery. Open spine surgery, which is performed similar to open-heart or brain surgery, and endoscopic spine surgeries where surgeons use a small tube with a camera that they can see inside the body.

Endoscopic surgical techniques include: laser ablation for treating carpal tunnel syndrome – neurostimulation therapy for chronic pain relief in back & neck pain – scoliosis correction (surgical corrections to curves) – low back pain treatment. Laser spine surgery may also be used as an alternative to traditional open spinal cord surgery when dealing with central nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease–this type of procedure offers quicker recovery times and less risk than traditional methods.

In addition to these procedures, Newport Beach Spine Surgeons offer minimally-invasive spine surgeries for tumors and herniated discs.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons at Orange County Spine Surgery Group, please contact us today. One of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help answer your question or set up an appointment.

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